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Saturday June 02

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Bacardí Live


People seem to want Gabriel Garzón-Montano (Colombian father, French mother) to be a placebo of James Blake. He’s not that. Others expect more of the tutorial of slow motion funk, neo soul with synth pop hues and exotic makeup that appear on his debut Jardín. He is not that either. Or he is not just that. As we saw at Primavera Club, Gabriel travels light (keyboards and laptop, nothing else), but with plenty of confidence in his music, in his multiple registers and in his charisma as an artist. Vow of sobriety: he knows that his music is just as beautiful with garlands as it is without. Because what his illustrious supporters (Mayer Hawthorne, Drake and Lenny Kravitz) saw in him was not only an applied student of edgy R&B and jazz pop; they saw an artist with the word future stamped on his forehead.

Jardín (Stones Throw, 2017)